Welcome to MusicZone!

MusicZone is a music school based in Wellington’s northern suburbs. We are here to help you learn to play and enjoy music in the way that appeals to you. Fancy learning Beethoven? Or prefer Beyoncé? It’s up to you.

Lessons are open to students of any age - from childhood to adult - whether you're a beginner or wanting to take your music to the next level.

Please note that MusicZone is no longer accepting enrolments at this time, as I am heading overseas where I intend to pursue further musical interests. Thank you for your interest and all the best with your musical journey!

Get in touch today and start achieving your musical goals with MusicZone!

Ruth at MusicZone can help you make it happen, whether you’re a beginner or wanting to take your music to the next level.

Learn Piano/keyboard,.
Or for something new...
why not try Irish whistle

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MusicZone Offers:

  • Classical, Contemporary and Celtic styles
  • Music theory and composition
  • Help with NCEA music for students
  • Yes, adult students are welcome!

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Contact Ruth James

  • BA in Music & Psychology
  • BSc(Hons) in Psychology
  • Master of Music Therapy (Hons)

Phone: 027 610 5193